• Material: The eyebrow preservative made of high quality plastic material, non-toxic, will do no harm to your body.
  • Size: 4 roll/Set, The film roll is 5.5cm X 4.2cm X 200m; ultra-thin, easy to tear and good toughness.
  • The cutter on the box makes it convenient to cut out the wrap film, save your time and intercept more easily. One is coming with the packaging item convenient to unzip with the cutting tip on the box, save time and intercept more easily, the other three haven't
  • Disposable plastic film can be used as preservative film for tattoo and also preoperative film.
  • The disposable Eyebrow Wrap Film come with the packaging box, It is easy to store when you finish your great makeup work.

Disposable Eyebrow plastic wrap


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